2017 International Conference 7-11 June

The 2017 International Conference will be held at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse 7-11 June.


2017 IC Competition and Evaluation Information

Click to view pertinent competition and evaluation information:


2017 IC
T-Shirt/Hooded Sweatshirt


Accepting Registrations for 2017 IC

Parents or interested persons who would like to attend IC as observers should contact the invited coach or your Affiliate Director for the access code required to register. Anyone interested in volunteering to work at IC should contact Marianne@fpspi.org for details.

A new account must be created each year to register for the FPS International Conference.  Enter the FPS IC Registration website.

Hamilton Meetings & Incentives (Travel)

2017 IC Registration and
Information Packet

Coaches/Parents/Students are encouraged to open this packet and view the information in preparation for 2017 International Conference.

Pre-order and pay (credit card only) for your 2017 International Conference T-Shirt. The design was created by students of Minnesota FPS. Affiliate, coordinator name, school/group, and adult responsible for pick-up at IC is required to order. The IC registration number is optional but appreciated. Click to view/order by 15 May.

*The IC registration number is located at the top of the Summary page of the IC Registration website.

Travel partner for IC 2017. Click on the HMI logo for information:

HMI 2016