The 2016 Community Service Project: Supporting safe water in Flint, Michigan

Approximately 50 miles from the site of the FPS 2016 International Conference, the residents of Flint, Michigan are facing an unprecedented water crisis because of their lead-contaminated city water.   Participants at IC are encouraged to learn more about this problem as TIME, CNN, MSNBC, and the Huffington Post are following this community’s concern.

Each year, FPSPI chooses a community need near the site of the conference.  At IC 2016 we will increase awareness about protecting drinking water sources and raise money for water filters and special assistance to young children affected in Flint.  Monetary donations will be accepted at on-site check-in and the CmPS Fair.

Future Problem Solving Program and the residents of Flint, Michigan appreciate any donations you make to this community and their current water crisis.   Thank you very much!