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FPS in Republic of Georgia

This Junior Community Problem Solving Team was the 2015 Grand Champion at the International Conference. Even though the “competition” is over, they’ve continued on with their project and made a dramatic impact on the whole school! Not only does the news link feature their hard work through problem solving - the pictures are beautiful!

How this small country school is turning a profit from the land

Future Problem Solving in the Republic of Georgia

FPS in Republic of Georgia

Rachel Wolf (FPS Alumn from Colorado) received a FPSPI R&D grant to grow FPS in the Republic of Georgia. Click the link below to read about the growth of FPS.

Spreading the Word: Pilot Critical Thinking Program for Youth is Training New Coaches

Kiwi students scoop top awards in Iowa

Dr. E Paul Torrance

New Zealand students are recognized with an article in OneNews in an article and video. Click on the picture to view the article and see the news story!